Everybody eating but us.

But at the rate we’re waking up to the importance of group economics we are destined to return to greatness.


I think we need to acknowledge the intergenerational trauma around business and property ownership, too.

Black folks didn’t just wake up in the mid 20th century and say ‘We Don’t Wanna Own No Businesses, And Don’t Wanna Patronize Black Businesses’

Our collective fear around business ownership is the work of white supremacy.

White folks came and burned our businesses and homes and schools down cause they ain’t want us to have nothin.

And then white supremacy had us believing the white man’s ice is colder.

That was engineered by white supremacy and I think we need to acknowledge that

Then factor in how hard it is to get the money to start up via savings or a bank loan. Predatory lending/ denial from banks is a bitch.  We can barely get the funding for a Damn house much less for a business.

Also business classes and knowing the ins and outs of owning and operating in your city. The regulations and requirements to get up to code for whatever field you’re in. And yes, as a black owned business the city will be all up your ass. 

The internet is giving us a whole lot of opportunity but we can only do so much without a physical location and employees.

I’m not trying to scare off future black business owners because I come from 2 generations of black business owners and my brother and I want to continue that tradition.  And I LOVE buying Black. But you have to talk about what tashabilities is saying and what I am saying when starting your business and looking for us as customers

Thank you.

They did everything they could do destroy black self sufficiency in America
Black Wall Street is a prime example

The existence of Central Park in NYC was built specifically to destroy a THRIVING BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD.

Police and feds looked the other way when Black businesses were firebombed by kkk, often being the ones to help.

Not to mention we were explicitly kept out of most of any business building incentives by banks.

This is intergenerational racism and imma need folks to stop acting like Black people simply dont care.

Let’s also add in how many of resources gets stripped from the Black Community starting with the Public Schools, how neighborhoods gets red lined and gentrified. If white folks couldn’t burn down our neighborhoods they could sure just push, and drive us out of them.

You’re talking about systematically depriving people, of tools and resources, making the access of opportunity for said knowledge of tools and resources, damn near impossible. You’re talking about how gentrification crushes black businesses, and neighborhoods, ignoring how anti-black racism plays a factor into this. And how incentives and opportunities are given to exploit black people. I mean why else are you more likely to find food deserts in impoverished black neighborhoods, where it’s easier to find an liquor store, than an community garden or whole foods market in the hood.

Exploiting Black Consumers, and Black People in general is marketable business, and blaming that factor on Black People as if we’re just apathetic is like blaming a rape victim for their depression, and saying to them “You need to just pull it together, everyone else makes it through their problems.” White folks, Asians, and other Non-Black PoC have not had the Black Experience of not just having progress being blocked, but hindered at every turn, with systematic discourse that promotes the danger in owning a black business, but also reinforcing that black business are not protected, respected, valued, or cared for. Non-Blacks didn’t have to create a new culture, because theirs was stolen away, and then continues to be stolen away by everyone else including their supposedly fellow non-black poc who are in “solidarity” with us. Their existence is constantly being hyper-visualized to a talking point while being belittled at the same time.

White folks had over an 400 year start to gain wealth and prosperity to owning those business and providing opportunities to those who fell closest in line to said whiteness. Everyone comes at Black folks like we’re the only race who been hindered, and then ask us why we haven’t moved forward, y’all don’t do this shit with any other race but us.When it comes to Black Folks our oppression gets beat down to an simple disagreement in opinions that we need to get over, y’all love to play that game of burning and salting our lands and then ask why nothing grows.

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